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Lafitte's Landing

Welcome Home!

We will be using the website to communicate important information to you, so it is important that you register and keep your information up-to-date.   In addition, the website will allow you to Access the Association's governing documents, View HOA board minutes, Pay your assessment online, Report a problem or Restriction violation.  In Keeping with the architectural design of Laffite’s Landing any changes or improvements to our homes, must be first be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  The HOA Board and the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) needs your help, we need to know when a home goes up for sell, when someone new is moving in or someone making any changes or improvements to their home.   Let us know of your interests and expertise. We are always looking for someone that is willing to help.   The Laffite's Landing Homeowners Association Board would like to thanks all resident and owners for their continued support in helping us keep Laffite's Landing a clean, safe and desirable place to live and maintain the value of our property.  Thanks for making Laffite's Landing one of the top Subdivision in Lafayette, Broussard and Youngsville area.

   Neighborhood News   
Posted on Mar 6th, 2015
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Spring is just around the corner.
It’s time to cut back all the ornamental grasses, and perennials that have browed and yellowed. They should be sheered back to almost the ground level. If there is any green growth, leave it.
Pre-emergent herbicides should be applied to prevent the warm weather weeds from emerging. This will not kill existing weeds, but will keep the new seeds from germinating. Also a balanced slow release fertilizer (13-13-13) can be put down on trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. Mulching beds also helps out with weed reduction, esthetics and keeping the soil moist.
When it comes to your lawn a weed and feed can applied once the grass gets out of dormancy. This will strengthen the grass along with getting rid of those pesky weeds. Just make sure you follow directions on the labels of the products you’re applying
Also be patient with planting your annuals. Many of the flowers that thrive in the summer need to be planted no earlier than April 1-15. The cooler temps I March will hurt them

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Crime Watch
 Crime Reporting Website: CrimeVeiw,   
*Report any crime or suspicious activity to the HOA via our website.  The HOA will in turn  do a blast email informing  all who have registered and provided their email address, the reported information.  Please log on our website to sign up and help keep us safe.  Remember if you see crime or suspicious activity, CALL 911 FIRST911 also handles noise complaints, illegal parking , Etc.*

Welcome New Neighbors
Lafitte's Landing Homeowners' Association would like to extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors. If you have not done so, click here to create your online profile so that we can keep you informed. Welcome Home!!
If you have any questions, contact The Board by using the Contact Us form on this website.

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Sec. 10-324. - Animal excrement removal.
No person shall allow any animal under his or her direct or physical control by leash, tether or other apparatus to be upon public property or upon the property of another, absent the consent of the owner or occupant of the property, without some device for the removal and containment of such animal's excrement; nor shall any person fail to remove any excrement deposited by any animal under his or her control on public or private property.
This section shall not apply to guide animals under the control of a blind person or animals trained to assist or support a person with a disability.
A person may be found guilty or held liable under this section although the commission of the offense did not occur in the presence of a law enforcement officer if the evidence presented to the court establishes that the animal causing the violation of this section was owned by or under the direct or physical control of such person.
Whoever fails to comply with the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(Ord. No. O-113-2005, § 2, 5-3-05) Sec. 10-121. - Running at large.
Prohibited. No animal shall be allowed to run at large, whether he be tagged or untagged or whether he be on private or public property, except where such private property is the private property of such owner or person in charge and such property precludes the escape or possible escape of such animal, and except as provided in subsection (b) of this section.
The immediate area on the right, inside the Couret Drive entry of Moore Park, including the pond, is an assigned area for exercising dogs, training hunting and other dogs, and obedience training of dogs.
Owners of dogs using this assigned area must have voice control over dogs to ensure that dogs do not interfere with or endanger citizens using Moore Park.
Violators of this subsection will be prohibited from future use of this designated area for dog training or exercising.
(City Code 1965, § 6-18)
Sec. 10-321. - Destruction of dogs running at large.
Dogs found running at large may be destroyed.
(Parish Code 1977, § 5-22)