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Lafitte's Landing

Welcome Home to Lafitte's Landing Subdivision a clean, safe, a well maintain neighborhood governed by protective convents and conditions.

The aesthetic influences found throughout our community can be traced through the rich history and heritage of Louisiana with all the charm of its culture clearly reflected in the architectural styles that are displayed throughout the neighborhood, Coastal/Caribbean, Contemporary Southern, Old New Orleans, or French Provincial, which each style adding its own distinct character and personality, yet all work together to provide variety and interest. Enjoy Smuggler’s Lagoon Park, the stocked pond and playground all located within walking distance from any home. All of this just located just a few minutes from all Lafayette, Broussard and Youngsville have to offer. Easy assess to W. Pinhook Road, Verot School Road, Kaliste Saloom Road and Johnston Street via Camellia Blvd.
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Time For Spring Maintance
Posted on Feb 8th, 2016 Comments (0)
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Springtime is around the corner. With the arrival of beautiful weather, hundreds of Acadiana gardeners are going to get the itch to play in their flower beds and spruce up landscapes. February and March are very important months in the year to tackle spring maintenance. With a good semi-annual maintenance program, a gardener can circumvent a lot of upkeep throughout the year in a few simple steps.
Clean up and pull old weeds. Prune all plants with the exception of those that have not bloomed or that will bloom later in the spring. Pruning is very important, not only to maintain the plant's size, but also to influence its growth habit. Plants will be bushier and more densely foliated with a greater number of blooms. Without pruning, they'll become and sparsely foliated. Pruning definitely the longevity of the landscape.
Introduce a pre-emergent herbicide, like Dimension, to hinder numerous future weeds in the garden. Pre-emergent herbicide is a fancy term for weed preventer. These herbicides inhibit weed germination.
Add a Fertilome Tree & Shrub complete fertilizer around the base of the plants. This will keep them healthy and well fed for the upcoming growing season. Gardeners who love planting seasonal flowers should amend the soil with a Fafard or Dr. Earth planting mix. Till it in with the existing soil to create a great environment for the flowers to put out a deep root system. This will encourage flowers endure the heat of the hot summer months. Also, insert a half teaspoon of Osmocote into the hole before plant placement.
Apply a Grade-A cypress or cedar bark mulch over existing beds. This will obstruct weed growth hold in moisture, prevent erosion, and dark contrast to the beauty of the landscape, which is in the blossoms and the foliage.
Taking these simple steps early in the spring will reduce year-round maintenance significantly.

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*Report any crime or suspicious activity to the HOA via our website.  The HOA will in turn  do a blast email informing  all who have registered and provided their email address, the reported information.  Please log on our website to sign up and help keep us safe.  Remember if you see crime or suspicious activity, CALL 911 FIRST911 also handles noise complaints, illegal parking , Etc.*

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Landing Homeowners' Association would like to extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors.
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The Benefits of Getting Involved with Your Homeowners' Association

The officers of homeowners' associations are responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and financial management of common areas in condo complexes and neighborhoods.

Being involved in any homeowners' association generally means more than participating in the financial aspects. Becoming an active member of your association isn't as difficult as you might think. Most HOA's hold open meetings quarterly or annually. More often than not, your HOA board needs input and opinions from its owners.

Why Get Involved?

I'm a firm believer in community involvement; if you're not involved, you have no right to gripe. Don't sit back and expect someone else to do your job for you. You reap the benefits and rewards of a well-run association; and, in the long run, this maintains or improves your property value. And it's a great way to network other owners.
What You Can Do

Volunteer to handle small tasks, like coordinating newsletters or compiling directories.

Contribute by organizing a social event, researching items to be purchased or, locating new maintenance services (landscaping services, insurance, etc.).
Join a committee.
Attended annual association meetings.
Report Violations
Follow HOA Bylaws
All of these activities will be much appreciated and none require you to be at a board meeting every month.
HOA's biggest gripe of all: When voting on issues, not enough people send in their proxies, so they don't have the necessary quorum. Some by-laws have very strict guidelines concerning what needs to be approved by the board and what requires a quorum. If an HOA board can't get the quorum to vote, the board's hands are tied.
The main reason people don't send in their proxies is because they don't know who the board member candidates are. I think it's better to vote for someone you don't know than not vote at all. Again, not having a quorum can tie the board's hands.

Remember the saying: "10% of the people do 100% of the work?" A homeowners' association wouldn't be quite the burden to a few if everyone took some time to take responsibility for some of the tasks. Get involved!

Research Your Homeowners Association (HOA)

I don't know what the case is with your homeowners association, but if you want to know what's going on, start showing up to the monthly meetings. Ask for a copy of last year's budget, the current year's budget and the year-to-date expenses for the property. You should also ask for a copy of the building minutes and read what's going on.

You may find that the fees are reasonable. Part of your monthly fees may go to pay for the insurance policy on the association buildings along with fees for utilities and repairs and maintenance issues. Often, people think that the fees might be outrageous and don't see the benefit for the amount they pay. But you first need to see where the money is going to determine if there is anything wrong.

Once you look at the budget, you'll have a better idea about the financial matters of your association. While the common areas may not be cared for the way you would like, you may find that the association has other, bigger problems on its plate and is doing the best it can without increasing the assessments even more.

If you find the association is wasting money, you could decide to run for the board, so you can have a direct hand in running the association properly